QA Automation solutions

Akebono was born of testing. We quickly realized that lack of formal testing is a pain point faced by most companies. In our experience, QA is given a step-motherly treatment within companies, where it is taken up if budget / schedule permits, and even then quite informally by the developers themselves. We have been able to show leadership time and again, in putting in place a comprehensive QA process, and proving its efficacy in creating not only a world-class product but also improving the manner in which the entire organization works.

As a result of the above value proposition, our QA service has grown rapidly. We have matured our processes through 80 engagements over the last 10 years. In many cases, we own the QA organization for the client, with release responsibility. Being client-driven, we are exposed to all the industry standard tools in terms of testing (automation, load, etc.), issue tracking, and so on. We have also set up a reasonably competent lab for compatibility testing (including multiple languages). With our clients, we have also created labs that are specific to their needs. We have built our own online issue-tracking tool, which is used by around 10 of our clients today.

Akebono has a dedicated Testing Services business unit, which focuses on independent Verification & Validation (V&V) projects. Our solutions are tailored to meet client specific needs and are focused on delivering results that provide true business value.

Akebono has in-house Testing frameworks and ready-to-use Solutions that help clients meet up their challenges successfully. We are offering comprehensive testing solutions to help organizations achieve predictable software quality gains while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities by leveraging our delivery Model. The domains in which we have expertise are: Insurance, Open Source Solutions, Enterprise Solutions and e-Business Solutions.

Our testing approach has a strong product orientation and incorporates industry best practices. The processes have matured over 10 years of testing assignments, executed for clients across the Globe, using the dual shore and extended team model of engagement. These processes have benefited considerably by feedback from our clients as well as our own experiences. Over the last few years, we have given them structure via standards like ISO and CMMI. Today, measuring metrics is a habit. Corrective and Preventive Actions, built upon these metrics, continue to drive productivity and value for our clients. We have expertise in the development and execution of tests in client / server, internet / web and the wireless / mobile space, using both automated and manual methodologies.

  Our Approach is..
  Cost Reduction:

This covers both the overall cost of the full development life cycle and the cost of all the testing activities, such as performance testing or user acceptance testing.

  Increased Productivity:

This covers reducing the elapsed time spent testing and the time spent on remedial work and operational maintenance

  Improved Governance:

This is achieved through better business alignment of the testing a company performs and better management information from the testing activities throughout the projects and programs.

  Behavioral Testing (Black-Box Testing)

Our Behavioral Testing Services spans various domains and has proven competency in Insurance Testing, e-Business, ERP, Open Source Solutions and Enterprise Solutions.

A snapshot of our functional and non-functional testing offering is as follows:

  Functional   Load/Stress/Performance
  Globalization and localization testing   Accessibility
  Usability   Configuration, Compatibility, & Conformance testing
  Installation testing   Standards and logo compliance testing
  Automation using HP, Rational, Silk or any other tool of choice   Regression testing




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